Our Slogan

Our company slogan is “Adding value to your business”. We believe that in a working relationship between two or more people/companies, beneficiary shouldn’t be a single entity but it should be “Mutual”. Similarly, when we add “value to your business” we are adding “value to ourselves” as well. Your satisfaction and growth is valuable for us too.

Our Basis

11Values foundation is based on “values”. Whether there is an individual, team or a company, our aim is to go for mutual “Value Addition”. 

You Can

To add values to your business, you can hire services of 11Values in the areas of Software, Web and Mobile application development.

Our Software Delivery Model helps to cut cost and deal with the ever-increasing demand for businesses to advance the speed and proficiency of IT services

Custom Software Development – Web Development – Mobile App Development


Over 2 decades of business process automation in variety of different business domains ranging from auto industry, health, entertainment, media, consultancy and so on


Trust is one of the key factor to build and maintain a long term relationship between two stake holders. It’s critical for us to provide a trustworthy services to our clients as we know our services are critical for your business.


We provide consistent services to our valuable customers as we believe without consistent effort we can’t help you in achieving your business goals that rely on us.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Kamelia Allow, MyBusiness Consulting DMCC

It’s rare that you come across standout talent! Ridiculously efficient, tremendous potential, passion, high end results, innovation, initiation, accessibility, cooperation, focus, limitless energy and enthusiasm are the few qualities that comes to mind when I think. Unlike anyone else I’ve come across 25 years in business.

James Baddiley, Chillisauce

We have worked for many years, and we have always found to be a very personable, efficient, smart and dedicated and willing to go out of way to help in whatever way

Our Services

We offer software development services in various business segments as per your need.

Customized Software Development

Humans vary in their nature, so, as the organizations. Organization’s processes primarily targets individuals and accordingly vary from organization to organization. Since processes are different so organization needs software automation that is primarily focusing them. For this reason we believe and always prefer to have “Custom Software” to be developed for your organization’s process automation rather than going for an off the shelf software solutions. There are definitely short term benefits of ready-made software but in the long run custom software solution pays off.

Web Designing and Development

With the colossal advancement in the field of web design and globalization every company has a desire to show its presence in the most relevant field of web. As your presence on web is inevitable, we provide you with services in local usage and business applications.

Mobile App Development

Web technology has become more advanced and smarter and to keep pace with the various changes in the use of smart phones (laptops, mobile phones and tabs) customers require business applications in the form of mobile apps. 11Values ensures you the best development services. These apps are a viable marketing tool to reach the market and customers. So it automatically increases the business visibility and of course its growth. So why wait? Choose 11Values to enter the smart world with a smart choice.

Our Technologies

“Technology” is a “value” at 11Values. We always try to cope with the technological advancements and accordingly upgrade our skills. Currently we are offering services in the following technologies:


Mobile/Tablet Platforms

iOS, Android, Cross Platform Mobile Development (Xamrain)



C#, Objective C (for iOS – Apple),
Java (for Android)


Internet/Intranet Technologies

ASP.NET, MVC.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, angularJS, HTML, CSS


Development Tools

Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2013 Visual Studio 6.x, Eclipse, xCode


3rd Party UI Controls

Net Advantage – Infragistics Windows Control, Telerik – Web/Windows Rad Controls, Windows Controls


Reporting Tools

Crystal Reports, Telerik Reporting


Content Managements System (CMS)

WordPress (PHP)



MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL


Application/Web Servers

Internet Information Server (IIS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x), Lotus Notes Domino


We believe in adding values to the people working with us either they are our team members or our clients.


    Faith is the seed you sow to get a fully grown tree with dense shade to shield against the scorching rays of falsehood, misuse and dishonesty. The core matter of our organization (11Values) is Faith, that provides YOU and US a firm foundation of trust and truth.


      Organizations, companies, parties and mere individuals all deal in this world of lip-service and verbose, yet everyone knows the value of TRUTH. It gives the confidence to face the business world. No need of verbal jiggery just hold on to truth and it will lead you to victory ultimately.


        Time is a flying horse and the one who muzzles it, is going to fly with it. We consider time as precious as money. A deal done in time earns not only money but the trust of our worth clients as well. Wastage of time is forbidden at our forum.


          Great achievements are not earned individually. For this reason, we have prepared a team of concerned and devoted members who are not only tech-skilled but also truthful and trust worthy. Team work is our mark of pride.


            The world we live in is no more a world of literature or art and craft. Technology has penetrated into day to day lives. This fast growing tech-world demand a strong grip and a bull’s eye over latest technology. Our tech-skilled experienced team will show you the desired and required proficiency in technology.


              Trust is not a singular thing, it is a relationship established between a trustor and a trustee. Basically the role of a trustor is to take risk and the trustee to prove himself trustworthy. When each is good at its position, a state of trust is developed. If either party falls down, trust vanishes. We believe in trust as the key to develop strong relationships and staunch leadership. Here at 11Values we learn and teach to trust and to be trusted.


                Better communication ends in better understandings. We at 11Values are specific to create a healthy understanding between the clients and the server. Our commitments and statements are crystal clear that lead to truthful communication. Effective business communication skills are vital to successful co-worker and customer interactions. It is our responsibility to make our message clear and effective.


                  Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.
                  Consistency in tech-business is a virtue worth-weighing. Establishing a pattern in business, client-server relation and activities is crucial in maintaining the reputation of a company. Consistency communicates to stake holders that the company is reliable and can continuously deliver on its premises.


                    Collaboration is a survival trait in business. Any planning exercise in one direction necessarily requires collaboration with the others to have any chance of success. Collaboration is founded on generosity, sharing and openness. A healthy organization culture proves to be a nursery for the development of collaborative environment. 11Values is venturing towards providing a solid collaborative culture to the tech-business field.


                      Commitments mean a lot to us. Honoring our commitments is a virtue to us. Fulfilling business commitments reflects the character of the company you are dealing with. Being a responsible company we plan our schedules around the commitments we make and expect the same from our clients.
                      We have a commitment to strive for excellence.


                        Business courtesy is important act of express in business setting. Being courteous in deeds and dealings earns you trust, that you strive for Business courtesy is the generator and motivator for the customer to come to you. So we at 11Values consider courtesy as a key note to a successful business relationship.

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